Balayage Highlights – A Quick And Easy Hair Style For Those With “Dirty” Coloring Skills!

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Balayage Highlights – A Quick And Easy Hair Style For Those With “Dirty” Coloring Skills!

If you are interested in highlighting your curls then you may want to look into tinted picture highlights. This is a beautiful way to add a subtle bit of color to your curls without completely blowing them out. This picture highlights work best with coil-wavy hair and curly hair.

Why do coily-wavy and curly hair have a tendency to look dull and boring? It’s because the cuticles of these types of hair tend to lay on a horizontal plane. This means painting the color in by applying a darker color over white. Since white is the dominate color in our world, this results in a grayish white hue that does not coordinate well with many other colors. Also, that s because tightly wound coily curls do not reflect light quite like wavy curls do, and thus require the brightest highlights in order to reveal that gorgeous shine.

Lowlight highlights are exactly what they sound like; those dangly little “Highlights” that give your hair that extra pop when applied with a lowlighting cream or powder. Some Colorists refer to them as “Rachael Gray highlights.” (Not to be confused with grey!) Rachael says, “The key is to find the perfect product for your skin and your curl type. We offer a huge variety, so there’s sure to be one for everyone.”

In order for your picture highlights to work effectively, you must first learn how and where to apply them. “The secret to getting the most pop and brightness is to apply at the root of the curl. You want to keep the roots moist and not rub the hair dry. There are a number of tricks that Colorists use to strategically place the color so they will give you the shiniest, brightest highlights.”

Once the colorist has located the root of the curl, she uses a cotton ball to dab a small amount of color onto her hands. She then carefully applies this small amount of color onto the roots of her curls. “We suggest having your clients come in and look at their highlights before they apply them. We also recommend having them apply a tiny amount of eye liner onto their eye sockets before they begin applying the highlights so that it will stay on all night.”

The colorist adds a bit more “paint” to her fingertips by rubbing them together. “Once you have the highlights wet, it’s best to let them dry about thirty minutes before attempting to put them on. “Then you just brush them on, much in the same fashion as you would with natural hair.” The colorist then recommends that clients first get a natural color sample to match their highlights. Then they can go into the salon, and the Colorist will apply their color on their highlights.

A few other things the Colorist will do is apply a concealer (Mineral Makeup) over the highlights to hide any redness or color blemishes. Then she’ll use a bit of pomade (Vaseline) to create the shine and shimmer for her “dirty” hair style. A lowlighter is not required but if you are going for that sort of a unique look, then a lowlighter will definitely help you. Finally, she’ll put a small bit of hairspray on her highlights and use a straight iron to make them look even more shiny and highlighted. This is a really quick easy hairstyle to do and the results are gorgeous. The Colorist is an absolute delight to work with!

Of course, the Colorist can’t do this job without the right tools. She needs to use a straight-edge and pin straight the ends of her hair. Then she uses a small brush and some sponges to take out any extra dirt or breakage on her highlights. Lastly, she applies a clear sealer to protect the highlights from further damage. You’re done! Don’t be surprised if your friends ask you how you made your hair so shiny!