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Champion Sports 11″ Official Softballs: 11-Inch Youth Fastpitch

Price: $54.14
(as of Apr 05,2022 21:26:41 UTC – Details)

Ready to go play ball? Grab your glove, bat and Champion Sports Rhino Core softballs and get to the diamond! Our medium-compression softballs feature a .47 COR cork core for more durability and less bounce, which is safer for younger and less experienced players. The smaller 11-inch circumference is standard in youth leagues.

Coaches tell you to watch the ball hit the bat and look it all the way into your glove, but that can be tough when you can barely see it! To improve your visibility on the field and in the batter’s box, we selected a vibrant optic yellow cover instead of plain white which is difficult to see, especially high up in the sky. Now you’ll be able to easily follow the ball’s path whether it’s on the ground or in the air!

A smooth Syntex synthetic leather cover allows the softballs to roll right off your fingertips, resulting in a better throwing motion and improved aim for all players. The cover is also incredibly durable to withstand even the hardest hits, which can easily cause lower quality balls to fall apart.

Looking to improve your accuracy on the mound or in the field? The ball’s raised seams enhance your grip, helping fielders get the out and send batters back to their bench. Pitchers will absolutely benefit as well, as their grip is crucial for controlling pitches and racking up those strikes. The red stitching helps you quickly locate the seam and offers a classic look.

Our official 11” softballs are used in girls fast pitch, youth softball and some slow pitch softball leagues. Ideal for practices, games and training at home, they’re the ones you can depend on for a long time to come.

– Champion Sports 11-Inch Rhino Core Optic Yellow Softballs
– Syntex Synthetic Leather Cover with Raised Seams and Red Stitching
– .47 COR Cork Core
– Medium Compression
– 12 Pack

SIZE 11: Play ball with our medium compression Rhino Core softball; features a .47 COR cork core
OPTIC YELLOW BALLS: Enjoy better visibility so you never lose track of the ball on the diamond
SYNTEX LEATHER COVER: The smooth cover lets the ball roll off your fingertips and is extra durable
RAISED SEAMS: Grip the seam and throw with more control; red stitching offers a classic look
12 PACK: Stock up for girls fast pitch, youth softball and slowpitch softball games and practices