Curly Pixie Cut – Instantly Turn Any Head Into a Beautiful Hairstyle!

curly pixie cut

Curly Pixie Cut – Instantly Turn Any Head Into a Beautiful Hairstyle!

A curly pixie cut originated in the fifties from the rockabilly music and has continued to be one of the most sought after hair cuts for women today. A curly pixie cut resembles a pin curl and is usually embellished with numerous curls. They are perfect for those who have naturally curly or frizzy hair. Curly pixie cuts are not just for women, many men prefer them as well.

There are two main types of curly pixie cut styles that are used to compliment long hair: the ultra long cut and the shorter, tighter styled “cute bro” cut. An ultra long curly pixie cut can look stunning on anyone with any type of hair. This style consists of plenty of layers from root to tip with a lot of texture. It is ideal for those with thick hair and works well with almost any complexion. A curly cut with a lot of waves or curls can be worn with thin hair to complement it and create a sexy layered look.

The shorter, cutesy version of the curly pixie cut is best suited to those with thin or medium hair. These hairstyles are easy to manage and wear with just about any type of hair. This style works well with round faces and those with medium or long hair. Many women who have thick hair choose to wear this hairstyle with an off the shoulder style to add dimension.

Women with thick hair who want to try out the shorter, cute version of the curly pixie cut can try the “cute bro” hairstyle. With this hairstyle, the hair is arranged in the classic French twist style with a wavy front fringe and front hair line. To add interest to the style, tousles and flowers are worn at the roots to give it a cute and playful flair. Tousles are also perfect for the petite woman, since they help define the shape of her body.

For women with short hair, the “cute pixie haircut” is an easy hairstyle to do and requires no perm or styling products. This style is great for those who want to draw attention to their eyes and the facial features. It is easily worn with black skinny jeans, tees, tank tops and platforms. It is also a great choice for the fashion-forward woman since it is easy to modify and there is no need to purchase pins or extensions to achieve the look. Hair combs can be used to pin the short hair back if desired.

A curly pixie cut with straight bangs can be worn with almost any type of outfit. This look works great for office wear or a dressy dress on casual days. To achieve the look, all that is needed is one side of the hair cut longer than the other. Curly pixie cuts with straight bangs should not be worn when attending a formal event. If attending a formal event, one side of the hair could be slightly longer than the other in order to frame the face better.

Women with natural curls can pull off this look by using hot rollers to create waves or a faux hawk. An old-fashioned pixie is still quite popular for women with natural curls, especially since the faux hawk is quite stylish and easy to achieve. A curly pixie cut with a bold statement is also a great way to wear jewelry and accessories to add accent and emphasis.

If you are searching for the perfect hairstyle for your next occasion, an easy hairstyle like a curly pixie cut can provide an instantaneous result. The instant gratification style is great for the days when you just have to have something on in the morning. The hairdo can be worn for either work or for fun, depending on how you choose to incorporate it into your daily appearance. With so many hairstyles to choose from, including the classic and trendy hairdo, you should have no problem finding the perfect hairstyle that is perfect for you.