Easy Steps to Acquiring the Slick and Classy Pixie Cut

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Easy Steps to Acquiring the Slick and Classy Pixie Cut

The messy pixie is ideal for those of you who don’t have the time in styling your hair every morning. Pixie hairstyles are quite easy to keep and style as opposed to long and medium hairstyles. You could easily go lazy with messy pixie hair style and still save time at mornings. This type of hair style is appropriate for both men and women. Even though messy pixie is easily accessible, you need to consider certain factors before you grab the idea.

The most significant factor is that the messy pixie should suit your face structure. This is because the style is very prominent around the jaw line and the center of the face and it could also bring about some undesirable changes to other parts of your hair if you don’t suit your face structure. If you are unsure about the messy pixie look, you could always ask a professional stylist to help you get the desired look.

The messy pixie cut has two distinct sections, the top is blunt on one side and has a shaggy pixie cut on the other. If you want to achieve that blunt look, make sure your hair is damp while combing. To create the shaggy pixie cut, comb hair towards the roots and then take a sharp pair of scissors and trim the ends. However, if you want that medium-sized hair without cutting it too short, use your imagination and experiment.

Another important consideration is your hair texture. While it is possible to cut messy pixie cuts with a blunt comb and large pair of scissors, you might experience difficulty taking your hair straight and building up the layers. For this, you could try using curling irons or a blow dryer to achieve that perfect straight cut every time. If you have medium hair texture, you will find curling irons and blow dryers work just as well as they do for long hair texture.

Once you’ve decided on your messy pixie style, you can begin with the hairstyle’s main components. To begin with, you will need to choose your hair jewelry: either a short hair pendant or a messy pixie style ring. The pixie jewelry is optional; you don’t need it to complete the hairstyle. However, if you would like to add some dimension to your hairstyle, consider adding a side bangs or thick bangs to the side. Side bangs and thick bangs also enhance the pixie cut, thus making it less boring.

Then, you need to consider your hairstyling goods. Choose a hairdryer that matches your hair texture. However, if you don’t have very long hair and you want to achieve a short pixie cut, a standard hair dryer won’t work. Therefore, you need to choose a ceramic-based hairdryer with a shorter timer. Ceramic hairdryers are great for women with medium hair texture because they give a more natural look and last longer than the traditional metal-based dryers.

Next, choose your hairstyling product: curling irons, spray cans, and combs. Curling irons, especially those with wide tooth, work best with long hair while spray cans and combs work best with short hair. Combs are excellent for women who want to keep their messy pixie cuts looking like they did when they were eight years old: wavy, loose, and cute. You don’t have to purchase a whole new set of hair products; one or two can do the trick. For example, the classic styling product Smoothing Conditioner works great with all hairstyling products and can help you achieve the sleek look of when you were eight years old without having to buy a bunch of new items.

Last, you need to use products that will seal in your style: leave-in conditioners, hairspray, and heat protectant creams. These products will ensure that your messy pixie cut stays in place and looks great all day long. They will also make your fine hair soft and silky, something that you wouldn’t see on a choppy pixie cut. Stay away from blow-drying and flat irons, as they will dry out your hair and make it look worse. Use a wide tooth comb or brush to get the look that you want.