How to Apply Matte Army Green Nails

matte army green nails

How to Apply Matte Army Green Nails

If you are planning to look stunning at the upcoming prom, you may want to invest in some shiny, matte army green nails. These are one of the hottest nail designs right now and many celebrities are sporting them. This season it’s so hot to hit the town in style and impress that you’ll need a pair of these nails. However, if you’ve never painted your nails before, you may not know where to start. Read on to get a beginner’s guide to nail design and apply a matte top coat for a stunning look!

The first thing you need to decide is what color or shades to get. Nail color is very important when you’re going for the matte army green nails look. It must be a cool, light shade of green or light yellow to avoid making it too flashy. You don’t want navy green coffin nails with a bright orange shirt so stick to pale greys and light pinks for now.

Once you’ve selected the color, you will need to pick a base coat to help protect your nails from damage. A clear polish will work perfectly. Next you will want to put on some protective nail art designs. Popular nail art designs include flowers, letters, hearts, and butterflies. For your short nails, don’t go crazy trying to find the cutest design, just make sure it’s fairly simple. As an alternative to fake flowers, you can use little dots of clear polish and glue them to your fingers to create cute hearts and buds.

After you’ve applied all your nail art designs, you will then put on a couple coats of the base coat to make sure that it doesn’t dry out. Then you will add the two main coats of the blue nail polish. Use a big brush to fill in any gaps between your two coats of polish.

Now you will want to head to a salon, or even Google images to find a good nail technician. If you can’t find one near you, an online search will reveal many nail salons in your area. You will need to ask your technician which type of glitternails he prefers to work with. He will probably suggest the natural look to start with, then after time your new glitternails will grow out and he will be able to work on them differently.

Another great option is to create your own nail designs. You can either purchase an album of stencils that you can simply tape to your nails or you can simply download some free stencils from the internet. These will allow you to take a picture posted by nail art enthusiasts of your best ideas and print them out. When you are at the salon, your technician can apply your stencils to your nails and you can choose between a stencil that matches your natural nail color or ones that are created especially for glittering.

Once you have purchased your nail supplies, you will need to head to the salon and get ready for your manicure or pedicure. Your technician will first apply a coat of acrylic lacquer to your nails, which will help them adhere better to the fake nails. You will then receive your base coat and your top coat. It is important to use different amounts of each coat depending on the thickness of your nails. The base coat is used to protect your fake nails from scratches while the top coat helps them last longer.

Your manicure will begin with the base coat, which you should wear for at least five minutes before finishing with the top coat. Your pedicure will only take about fifteen minutes, but you must be sure to allow ample time for drying between procedures. To ensure that your nails have the best possible look, it would be a good idea to view and review a photo posted by nail art professionals. When you view photos posted by other salon clients, you can pick up valuable tips on how to improve on your own manicure.