How to Braid a Braided Ballerina Bun

A braided ballerina bun is a great way to create a fast and easy updo for any occasion. Not only are they very easy to make, but this is one of the most versatile pieces of any woman’s wardrobe. No matter what your hair actually looks like, you can make sure that it looks great up in a bun. Buns are especially good for those hard to reach places, such as around the ears, back, and neck.

braided ballerina bun

The easiest way to create a braided ballerina bun is to simply start out with braided hair. To create the look, take a section of hair and braid it into a low bun. The rest of the hair can be left free and high, for a more classic updo. You can add accessories and glitter as needed.

One caution about braiding your hair: When you’re done, you need to let the hair dry before putting it away or wearing it. It might seem obvious, but the hair dries quickly, so it’s crucial that you take a few minutes between each braid. This will ensure that the strands do not all fall in on one end. Remember that a ballerina bun can be created with many different lengths, so take some time to decide how long you want it to be. Remember that the longer your bun is, the more dramatic it will be!

If you don’t want to braide the entire head, then there are other options. Instead of braid, you can clip on each side of your hair together at the front. Take the front portion of your hair and tape it to your head. Make sure the tape is secured under your hair and that there is no space between your hair and the clips. Secure the braid in place with clips around the front of your head.

You could also add some volume to your hair with some high ponytail holders. Simply clip one holder to each side of your bun and secure beneath your hair. This will pull your hair up and add height at the top of your bun. High ponytail holders are available at many retail stores and online.

Once you have your hair braided, simply separate the ends with a plastic comb. This will separate the braids from your hair. Now you can leave the braids alone to dry on their own. Just remember to use a low heat setting when drying them to keep them soft and to help them slide through your hair without catching.

After your braid is completely dry, be sure to thoroughly smooth down the ends. If you don’t do this, your braid will become wavy. Let your braid dry overnight and then wash it in the morning with a mild shampoo. To style your hair after it dries, you will need to have a blow dryer set on a low setting to get it dried quickly. Then, spray your hair with hairspray to hold it in place and finish your look with a stylish bun or an updo. You can even add clips or bows at the crown for a simple but elegant look.

A braid like this can be worn for a casual day out or even for a fun night out with friends. It’s fun to experiment and see what looks good on you. Braids are a great way to add length and volume to any type of hair. For a special occasion, why not try a braided ballerina bun? The beauty of this hairstyle is that it doesn’t require a lot of hair to complete.