How to Cancel Pinterest

So you want to know how to cancel Pinterest? It seems as if this social networking site is going to be one of the most popular on the web, and with good reason. Its easy interface, tons of functionality and ability to search for recipes make it a great choice for a cooking enthusiast.

how to cancel pinterest

So what are the steps to show you how to cancel Pinterest? In a nutshell, all you have to do is go to the “Account Settings” section of Pinterest. You then find the link for the account that you want to cancel, click it and follow the simple instructions. It’s as easy as that!

However, you might be wondering what exactly the “2 guides to show you how to cancel your account.” The answer to that is simple: Pinterest has a powerful link wheel. Once you click the “Submit button” your account will be immediately switched to the free version. Once you’ve made the choice to switch to the free account you will be prompted by a message on the right hand side.

Here’s what the message says: “You requested an update to your account. Please click on the link in order to continue reading… To help keep your account secure, we may require you to enter a security code after you verify your account with this email. In cases where you do not enter the code or enter the wrong code, we will automatically close your account without any action from you. If you need more help, please contact customer support at Pinterest.”

If you had followed the directions on the Pinterest site, you would have learned how to cancel Pinterest even without having to change your email address. As soon as you clicked on the “Submit” button, you will be asked to enter a security code. You should know the numbers so that you can enter them into the code box. When you enter the code, a message will be sent to Pinterest telling you that your account is now closed and that they will send you a confirmation email in a few minutes. The 2 guides on this page that teach you how to cancel your Phingle account provide details of how to proceed.

How to cancel Phingle The second step on how to cancel Phingle is to go to your account’s groupon group page and click on “Sign Out”. You will then be taken to a page where you will be asked to confirm your email address. You are then asked to login to your existing account and click on the link that is provided in the email that you received from Pinterest. You will be asked again to enter the security code, just as you were when you opened your account. Then your account will be closed and you can continue reading…

How to cancel Phingle The final step on how to cancel Phingle is to go to the blackbabyboomermeet group on Pinterest. This is a group for black women interested in finding other black women interested in black baby products. Once there, you will see a page for “Black Baby” that has three tabs. You will notice that there are two corresponding tabs for “Phingle” and “Offers”. Clicking on one of the tabs will take you to the group’s page for “Phingle”.

How to cancel Phingle After you follow the steps above, you will see a message from Pinterest asking you to confirm your subscription for their mailing list. Click the link in the message and you will be taken back to the site where you signed up for their free gift. At the bottom of the page, you will see the link for “cancellations”. Click that link to show you how to cancel your Phingle subscription.