How to Do a High Pony Tail Hairstyle

One of the new trends in hair styles is the high ponytail braid. This simple and elegant hairstyle is great for any occasion. A casual pony look is perfect for the office, dates or a night out.

high ponytail braid

SLEEKING Back straight ponytail gets an update! This simple pony style has been a classic for decades. The updated version is sleek, low-lying and ultra-chic. Styling the high ponytail with a curling iron, wrapping the hair around the base of the hair, then adding a rhinestone pin on top – they work together so beautifully.

TOY FORGE Ponytail with hair ties is easy. With this easy up, you can wear your hair up, tie a pony tail and add some color. You can use hair ties to help keep everything in place for a clean, smooth look. To do this look, start by pulling your pony into two separate strands. Then take one end of the strands, tie it under the head, leaving a gap between the two.

Glam Up High ponytail with hair ties is so hot and stylish. This up do is easy and fast. You simply tie a hair tie into the gap, starting from the front. You can even add some glitter or gems to the ends if you want to make it stand out even more! Wrap the loose hair around the turban and braid it until the knots are nice and tight.

Braid the other side before you start the braid. With the loose ends, make sure that they are all pulled back into one ponytail. Use high quality hairspray to make sure that the hair stays in place. You can even use some water to dampen the hairspray a bit before starting the process. Use the same hairspray on both sides, once you have your ponytail in place.

Pinnings and Hair Pins The focal point of this style is the hair pins. You can use a variety of different hair pins to create varying styles. One of my favorites is using hair pins along the bridge of the hair. This creates a very unique look that is fun and funky.

You will need about a half cup of hair product for every three sections. For this braid, you will need two sections of hair. Section one should be about a foot in length, and the other section about a foot and a half. Simply pin the sections together with the help of a pin to form three sections with the middle section being left free. Now you simply have one long piece of hair that you will be working with.

High ponytail hairstyles are great when you want to do something different but do not have time to spend hours in a barbershop getting the style just right. You can easily do this at home without spending any money. This is a simple process that takes just a few minutes, but you do not have to have any experience with braiding to do it. In fact, doing this is really easy even for beginners. If you find this to be a great way for you to get a new look, try it today.

The first step is to gather all the items you will need. First, you will need a large mirror, a comb, a hairbrush or hair comb in a wide-tooth comb, a rubber band, a rubber sleeve or elastic hairband, a ponytail brush, a hair comb, a wash cloth, a face mask and some rubber bands or elastic bands. Next, you will take the two sections of hair and secure them to the mirror so that they are framing the lower half of your face. You can secure the pigtail at the back of the head if you choose.

Next, comb your hair using the brush or comb to lift the curls up from the roots. Then take some hairspray and lightly spray it over the roots of the hair. You can also use hairspray to add volume if you like. If you want a more natural look, you can also add some loose curls to the ponytail.

You will now want to secure the braid. To do this, take a section of the hair above the base of the ponytail and wrap it around the bar. Secure it with elastic bands or rubber sleeves if you like. This will help give the braid definition and shape. You can also add more of these braid styles by creating a layered look with the same colors, fabrics and textures.