How to Spell Decent – Quick and Easy Tips

The question of how to spell decent has been bothering many Pakistani American men. They often say that they can spell it but the person speaking doesn’t get the correct meaning. So you can see, it is really important not just for a person to be able to read and speak English, but he should be able to read, speak and write it as well. Here are some ways on how to spell decent.

how to spell decent

Like I said earlier, how to spell decent or spelling shareef is not as easy as it sounds. You will need to use either “you” or “we” in order to have the correct meaning. If you have a single letter such as “th”, you will need to use “th shareef” or “shareef”. On the other hand, if you have a multi-letter word with three to five letters, you will need to use “you” or “we” for the correct meaning. This is one of the biggest challenges Americans face in trying to learn proper English.

How to Spell Decorous Like I mentioned earlier, the word share is actually derived from the root word decorous or the noun decorous. So, when you have to spell decorous, the perfect ending you want to have is “you shareef” or “we shareef”. Just add an “s” to end it. You will notice how similar the spelling is with how to spell decent.

How to Spell Decorous Like I mentioned earlier, the word shareef means “formal clothing”. This type of clothing is a type of dress specially worn in western countries by men. They usually come in a suit. There are also some which comes in form of a long robe which is popular in Asia. They are usually used by men who are in power and they want their subordinates to wear formal attire on special events.

How to Spell Decorous Like I just said earlier, the word share has various spellings depending on what you want to call it. You can spell it as “seef” or “weef”. If you want to emphasize the “se”, you can add an “s” or a “z” to it. You could also use another type of pronouns like he, she, and he or she. But if you want your audience to be able to understand it, you should just spell decorous as stated above. It really doesn’t make any difference anyway.

How to Spell Condimentary Like the word decorous already explained how to spell decorous, it also has a complementary term in English called complimentary. If you look up the word in the dictionary, you will see that it means “fair or nice”. So in English, the word decorous comes before the word complimentary. The word can also come before the word good or excellent. So if you want to indicate that something is decent, you can do so by adding the word compliment.

How to Spell Comfortable There is one word in English that you just cannot get enough of and that is “comfortable”. So you should make sure that your English sentence begins with the word comfortable. So if you say you are feeling comfortable, you are really saying you feel comfortable. You can even include the word cozy in there just to emphasize the word comfortable. So in our next few examples, you would say, “I feel very comfortable wearing those shoes.”

How to Spell Decent You must always be very careful to spell decent when you are talking about people. People can get very offended very easily if you are not careful. You do not want to have someone take offense over a simple word you said so just be sure that you are aware of how to spell decent and then try your best to keep it straight. If you happen to be a little short on time, you could just look up cool people online and see who their favorite cool person is.