How to Style a Boys Shaggy Haircut

If you’re looking for ideas for a boys shaggy haircut, read on. There are several types to choose from, including Medium-length, Layered, Textured, Side-Part, and more. If you want to make it stand out from the crowd, try going for a layered or textured cut. Boys with blonde hair may want to wash their hair more often. This style also looks great with facial hair.

Medium-length haircut

A medium-length boys’ shaggy haircut can look great on a boy’s hair, and it’s also low maintenance. This style is perfect for boys with natural volume and curly or wavy hair. There are many reasons to consider a boys’ shag hairstyle. It can be fun for a child with long hair, too. Here are a few tips for choosing a cut.

A boy’s shaggy haircut is a layered style that starts with longer hair on top and tapering to shorter hair on the sides. Some boys choose a fade on the sides, while others opt for layers all around. Whatever style you choose, it is sure to look good on your boy! A medium-length boys shag hairstyle is easy to maintain, and requires only a styling product. Once it’s set, you can just spritz it with water.

A boy’s shag haircut can be a great style for thick hair. This style also works well on men with a hockey-style. To make the style look even tidier, add some hair gel or pomade to the hair. Boys with long hair look fantastic in this style. The shag adds an opulent touch to a boy’s style while allowing him to express his personality.


A layered boys’ shaggy haircut is one of the most popular cuts for young men. This style is easy to maintain and style and requires no special products or styling. The name itself implies layers, but this hairstyle can be further enhanced with a texturizing product and blunt bangs. This hairstyle is perfect for boys with curly hair as it provides volume and definition. To make this hairstyle look even more impressive, try a few of these tips.

A layered haircut complements any length and texture. Most shag haircuts feature layers to add height. Medium-length hair is a great length for this style, and even short hair can be layered to achieve the look. The layered cut is easy to maintain, and a skilled barber can even layer short hair to create a fuller look. Once you know the tips and tricks of a layered haircut, you’ll be on your way to a trendy new look for your son.

A layered boys’ shag haircut is great for boys with naturally curly hair. It looks best on hair that is at least medium length and has a fringe. Layered haircuts are ideal for boys with low maintenance, and a shag style requires little effort to keep. With a shag cut, the mane appears fuller and bouncy. To maintain this look, you can use a lightweight sea salt spray and add a little medium hold cream for extra hold.


Creating a textured boys shaggy haircut can be quite time consuming. It can be cut in different lengths to flatter various face shapes. To create a good result, consult with your stylist to determine the right length for your son. Generally, the hair near the crown of the head is cut relatively short, increasing in length as we move away from it. However, if your son has a heart-shaped face, then you should choose a longer hairstyle.

This haircut works well on men with wider foreheads, because it adds volume to the hair without looking too greasy. It also looks great without any hair product. Moreover, it suits a wide range of face shapes, especially round and square faces. A boy with a round face can also try it, although it looks great with all kinds of faces. A light serum can be applied to enhance the shiny locks and avoid the need for a styling product.

A textured boys shaggy haircut is a great choice for a young boy with thick, long hair. It enhances a boy’s round face and can also look great with a tailored beard. To make the hair look extra full, you can blow-dry it upside-down. You can also backcomb the roots to add more volume and body. To make the hairstyle look perfect for boys with oval or round faces, use a strong hold styling product.

Side part

The side part of a boys’ shaggy haircut is very similar to an undercut, but with one extra short side. It’s great for lazy boys because it’s easy to comb over and can be styled for different looks. It works best on thick, naturally textured hair and is also easy to maintain with pomade. Here are some styling tips for the side part:

The side part is the easiest haircut for a boy to achieve. If you can get the haircut in layers, you can get the look you want in a matter of minutes. The side part is a way to achieve a clean look. It’s great for young boys who don’t want to worry about hair care. Adding a side part to the hair can give it a more sophisticated look.

Long hair on top

If your boy has long hair on top, there are a few ways to keep it looking stylish. One popular style is a skin fade. A skin fade is a bold and daring hairstyle. It begins at the tip of the head and drops toward the neck region. In this style, a portion of the top hair is left long and combed downward. The bottom portion is shaved or bound with an elastic band.

A simple way to keep this hairstyle on a boy is to use a small amount of styling product on each strand and spread it from roots to tips. After that, you can style the top hair using your fingers or a brush to create the desired look. To make the style even more attractive, you can use a product to define the curls. Once you’ve achieved the desired look, your little boy can let his hair fall naturally or tie it in the back for a top knot or man bun. If he has long hair on top, the extra length can be used as a wrap around for his top knot or man bun.

The latest trend in boys’ haircuts is long hair on top, faded sides, and undercuts. These styles can work for boys with naturally curly or wavy hair, and will allow them to move around freely without sacrificing style. In addition to the length of the hair, you can push the bangs up off the forehead to create an interesting line in the hair. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, a bob hairstyle will make your boy look more confident and cool.

Styles for curly or wavy hair

Curly or wavy hair looks good with a shaggy haircut. Start by making the hair medium or long, and use a styling product to make the edges wavy. The hair should fall over the forehead and behind the ears. Make sure the fringes are kept at least an inch away from the face. This haircut can be styled with a hair gel or pomade.

Curly hair may look best with a short shaggy cut, which should be fading away to the sides. You can also try a shaggy style with long layers that fall past the chin, which will visually lengthen a round face without adding any width. Shaggy cuts add volume and movement to any hairstyle, so if your son has thin or curly hair, a shag with long layers is probably the best option.

For boys with curly hair, a medium-length fringe and mid-fade on the sides are ideal. The mullet is also a good option, especially with long curls. For long curly hair, the shag haircut looks great with loose bangs in the front and a fade on the sides. You can even keep it long and messy. To get the perfect effect, you should treat the hair with a quality conditioner. It will keep it moisturized and bouncy and prevent frizz.