How to Wear a Prom Sleeve Side Braid Hairstyle With Plaits

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How to Wear a Prom Sleeve Side Braid Hairstyle With Plaits

Prom hairstyles are the most outstanding ways of adding a new look and style. You can make it unique with the help of different accessories. There are many hairstyles that are in trend today at the prom party. Some of them are knee length and straight hair or flowing long hair with a side braid or a ponytail. Any of these hairstyles looks good on almost everybody.

Side braid bun is a very simple yet complex hairstyle. It has become very popular among all types of hairdo. Side braid is basically the arrangement of hair formed by merging three or more hair strands together on one side of your head. And thus, side braid bun is an easy way to design the hair in such a way that traditional braids aren’t on any of your sides.

A side Dutch braid hairstyle also enhances your facial features and provides you an artistic appearance. These are also known as medium layered braids. They can add shine and volume at the same time. Side Dutch braid looks good on almost any face type.

Another simple yet sophisticated hairdo is the French braid. In fact, there are several people who consider this as their favorite hairstyle. This is another simple hairstyle that adds some volume to the back of your hair. French braided hair provides great versatility to the users, since they can easily be changed according to the occasion. Side French braids form a braid on the side and back of your head, which is very stylish and fashionable.

If you have long hair, then side braid hairstyles for prom will be perfect for you. Long hair does not have to be dull and boring anymore! It can be given a trendy look by adding some fringes to it or even by simply letting it down for some days. The French braids can look very chic and eye-catching, if you let it down for some days. Even though it’s a simple hairstyle, the length and the volume vary depending upon the length of your hair. You can also wear your hair in an up do if you want to make it look slinky.

The ponytail is another one of those styles that are considered as a modern hairdo. This is another style that you can wear at prom. Both the front and the back of your hair can be put into a ponytail, which is a very stylish side braid.

If you have medium length hair, then an easy side braid for prom is the best option for you. Hair could be put into several types of hairstyles with an easy side braid. First of all, an easy side braid can be worn if you just want it to be down. Just bring the front part of your hair together at the nape of your neck and tie it into a ponytail. Then, you can add a few fringes or a simple fringe at the back part and tuck it into your hair with a hair tie. That’s it!

If you have curly hair, then you can choose the kinky or the wavy side braid for prom. The kinky side braid can be made by simply plaiting your hair into two sections. Then, put them behind your ear and start brushing them upwards. You can add some waves or curls with the wavy side braid, depending upon the texture and the volume of your hair.

Now, let’s talk about how you can wear these beautiful braids. For one, they are perfect for formal prom functions. As such, you can pair a side Dutch braid with a stylish top or even with a dress in the color of your choice. Another thing is that these braids are great for informal proms. You can easily look stunning in a short black dress with one of these braids and you can even wear it with tights if you want to!

Of course, you cannot forget how cool this side braid hairstyle is for casual proms. You can go with your normal hair style but you can also use a ponytail to hold your hair up. If you have straight hair, you can also opt for a side braid style with some waves. The bottom line is that you are guaranteed to look chic, no matter what kind of hair you have.

So, there you have it. It is now time for you to choose between the side braid hairstyle with plaits and the side hair bun hairstyle with beads. Which one do you think will suit you best? Take into consideration your facial structure, your hair length, your skin tone and your personality. No matter what your decision is, just make sure you are 100% comfortable with it. And always, remember to take lots of pictures of yourself to be able to compare the styles when you finally decide on one.