Pixie Palooza: The Magical Fairy Tale Theme Party

pixie palooza

Pixie Palooza: The Magical Fairy Tale Theme Party

If you love Tinkerbell, this is the perfect costume for your party or day out with the girls. This fun t shirt is sure to be a big hit as party goers head out to the party dressed as the most adorable little fairy in all of Disney’s movie series. This shirt comes in black with beautiful pink sleeves and says I Love Tinkerbell, The Enchanter’s Apprentice, flying to a city near you, Tinkerbell and more. Perfect shirt for those that love Tinkerbell. These are a few of the fun Tinkerbell costumes that are sure to be a big hit at your next costume party or event.

The pixie costume is easy to put on and gives the wearer the appearance of being a real pixie. It includes a full sleeve, a light-up button necklace and a genuine pixie. The wings can be adjusted for a longer or shorter length depending on how much time you want to spend playing and creating your own magical words. The whole outfit includes a purple, turquoise and pink hat with pixie wings attached.

The flying dress is another great choice for your Tinkerbell outfit. It comes complete with pixie wings and a short dress. Adjustable straps and a matching belt give the wearer an attractive look. The dress is a wonderful choice for a pixie-crafting party.

This Tinkerbell Halloween costume will certainly be a talking point of the night. As the magical words are said, everyone will be asking you questions regarding your performance. The best way to keep them entertained is with the pixie wand. You can also use the ordinary magician’s wand to perform tricks during the show. It is also possible to combine both wands for added effects.

If you don’t want the show to be so boring, you can spice it up by adding some extra touches like glitter or gems. Add pixie dust to reflect light and add an extra sparkle to the wand. Silk flowers pinned to the dress can also add to the magic. Ribbon or fabric patches can be used to accent the dress as well. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

The pixie can be a very versatile part of the costume. You can even play other roles, such as that of a fairy godmother, a magician or a butterfly. You could even change roles during the performance and have others wait for you to finish before they get to know what happens next. During the show, you can also change your attitude from cute to scary, or vice versa. The audience will not care, since you’re having a great time enjoying yourself and interacting with your friends.

Planning a pixie party needs careful planning. You should make sure that you inform your guests about the theme and about a specific date where the pixie contest will take place. This way, they can come prepared with their favorite princess outfits and accessories.

To complete the whole magical fairy tale feel of your pixie party, you should plan to put out a pixie buffet spread. You can either order it or make it yourself. The pixie cups and plates can match the theme perfectly. Set them out along with some snacks, games, and prizes for the winner.

For added fun, you can also plan to have some pixie games at the party. These games will keep the guests entertained. Simple games include pin the wings or wand on the fairy, give your guests the quizzes, or even have them answer riddles. Fairy themed crafts are also a good idea to add to the overall atmosphere of the party.

Decorations can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. Think of items that you can put in the venue such as butterflies, doves, cupcakes colored with pink and purple, star-shaped cakes, and other such items. You can even go so far as to write inspirational quotes or funny lines on your invitations. Another idea is to give out miniature fairy wand and figurines to each guest. It’s always a nice touch to hand out mini versions of magical fairy figures to girls. Encourage your guests to use the wands to find items that are hidden within their magical world.

You can find lots of great ideas for decorating your venue when it comes to pixie party invitations. You can print out plenty of them yourself online, or if you are short on time you can simply buy them from local or online party shops. Your invitations can include a few extra fun ideas such as a pixie shaped cake and pink lighting on the tables. Be sure to add the usual decorations such as balloons, streamers, banners, and other stuff that you normally add to larger parties. A pixie themed party will definitely be a hit.