Urlacher Out For Season – Will He Listed In Week 1 Injury Report?

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Urlacher Out For Season – Will He Listed In Week 1 Injury Report?

Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher dislocated his wrist Sunday night against the Green Bay Packers. He underwent surgery and missed the rest of the game. It is a devastating blow to the Bears’ defense and Urlacher was carted off the field on a stretcher. His surgery will keep him out for at least the next six weeks, possibly longer.

Urlacher, the longtime middle linebacker, has been always counted on to produce big plays for the Bears. He is an instinctive player that has natural playmaking abilities. He is very good in coverage plays and he has been a force in the run game this season. But his injury is a huge hit to the Bears’ defense.

Urlacher suffered the injury during the first quarter. He took a poor snap to his right but twisted his ankle. He tried to stay in front of the play but fell backwards and tumbled into the turf. He landed hard on his right leg and stayed down. He underwent surgery immediately following the game and missed the rest of the game.

Urlacher’s agent, Patronsinger, LLC, released a statement regarding the injury. According to the statement, Urlacher “missed the surgery due to a strain sustained in his calf muscle during the first week of practice.” He underwent surgery and is expected to miss the rest of this season. The severity of the injury is unknown at this time. He is currently rehabbing at the Chicago Bears’ facility.

Coach Jim Mora said during his news conference that Urlacher “looked strong” during his physical during the walk-through but that he was “nervous”. Urlacher had some medical tests and scans conducted to determine the severity of the setback. He underwent an MRI on Monday morning. The MRI revealed that Urlacher had a broken bone in his wrist.

The Bears’ coaching staff expressed hope that Urlacher could be back on the field next week. He is having a tough time in rehabbing from the surgery. He has a cast on both wrists. His range of motion is very limited. His return to form on the field next week will be determined after he is able to participate in practices and the team activities. His current condition does not look good and may take a long period of time before he is back to his old form.

Urlacher suffered his injury during the first quarter. The play was a normal off tackle run by the Dallas Cowboys. Urlacher assisted on the tackle of the running back and took a couple of heavy hits to the chest and back. His teammates and the coach were all worried when he suffered the injury.

Right tackle Matt Barnes replaced Urlacher and played well. Barnes also had off light surgery on his right wrist. Hopefully, this surgery will help Barnes return to his full physical ability. Right tackle Jonathan Scott is the backup right tackle. He is in good condition but he will need time to heal from the surgery.